The purpose of Denver Baptist Preschool is to provide a balanced Christian education in a safe and loving atmosphere. The most important way preschoolers learn the Biblical message is through interaction with adults who show and act out God’s love and care. By offering a variety of learning experiences and by laying a spiritual foundation, each child can reach his/her highest potential. Each child is regarded as a unique individual and is encouraged to experiment and learn at his/her own individual level. A child learns best through hands on experience. Our teachers and staff will continually seek to help your child feel secure and valued as they offer many experiences and opportunities to grow and develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. Guiding the behavior and development of preschool children is an exciting and challenging responsibility, which we look forward to sharing with your child.


Janet Robertson



Our preschool program desires to help each child learn:

  • To work and play together happily with other children, sharing possessions, taking turns, and assuming responsibility.
  • To have a positive attitude toward others.
  • To learn to manage himself/herself, their materials and the daily routine.
  • To develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.
  • To establish good health habits such as hand washing, healthy eating and toilet routines.
  • To develop an appreciation and love for books.
  • To learn values such as truthfulness, responsibility, respect for authority; love for God and one another.
  • To have many wonderful experiences that will develop readiness for reading and provide a good foundation for future learning.
  • To introduce the Bible and the teachings of Jesus early in their development.


    • Bookbag for projects and papers
    • Change of clothes to stay in your child’s bookbag
    • Lunch and drink


Tuition checks should be made payable to Denver Baptist Preschool or paid on our website and are due by the 10th of the month. One returned check (per family) for NSF will require us to deal in cash. Parents are responsible for tuition each month in order to hold their child’s space in class.

Please put all tuition payments in the designated envelopes outside the classrooms. If you have any concerns or questions about our policy, please speak with the director.


No medication of any kind will be given out by the DBC Preschool staff. The success of our program and health of our students depends on parents’ cooperation in not sending a child to school who shows signs of illness, or who has been exposed to an infectious disease.

We ask that you keep your child home when your child:

1. Has had a fever within the last 24 hours.

2. Shows signs of a cold and/or runny nose.

3. Has an unidentified rash.

4. Is in the incubation period of an infectious disease.

5. Has had an upset stomach within the last 24 hours.

6. Has had diarrhea within the last 24 hours.

7. Has had vomiting within the last 24 hours.

Unless you have a written note from your physician that states your child is not contagious, the child should not be in school.

It is imperative that we have a good phone number at which to contact you in the event your child shows signs of any of the above conditions at school as you will be called and asked to pick-up your child.


A child will usually come into contact with Lice during their preschool or elementary school time frames.  If a child is suspected to have Lice we will call you to pick up your child.  To minimize transmission of Lice, children will not be allowed to attend or return to preschool until they have been inspected by preschool staff and deemed Lice and nit free.


The children in preschool are learning to be independent. We have them sit at small tables to eat. The lunch they bring needs to be something they can feed themselves, is not too messy, and does not need to be heated or cooked. You need to include a drink and utensils.

Here are some suggestions:

o   Cheese chunks

o   Crackers

o   Cold cuts in small pieces

o   Raisins

o   Cereal/Granola bars

o   Fruit snacks/cups

o   Graham crackers

o   Pretzels

o   Dry cereal

o   Pickles

o   Pepperoni

o   Fruit cut in bite-sized pieces (grapes can be halved)

o   Peanut butter sandwiches cut into bite-sized pieces

(Your child may like something I would never think of, tell me and I will add to next year’s suggestion list…)

On occasion we must restrict certain foods in a class due to allergy issues. Please let us know if your child suffers from a food allergy and its severity.

We will stress good nutrition, and will encourage children to eat protein and fruit before sugary snacks. We will make you aware of what your child isn’t eating at lunch to avoid wasting food and money.  Although children eat whole grapes or similar foods at home, foods of this type should be halved/cut in order to avoid choking. This information was suggested to us by a pediatrician as a safety precaution. We will not allow children to eat foods that we feel could be a choking hazard.

Please remember to provide a drink. If you forget a drink we will provide water as this is an excellent habit to start early.

If you have any questions or concerns about our lunch plans please let me know so that we can work them out.


Food allergies are a part of our everyday lives.  If a parent makes us aware of an allergy we will notify the classroom of a need to not send certain foods.  We thank you in advance for helping us keep all of our children safe.


When it becomes necessary for a parent to withdraw his/her child, it is expected that the parents will give a minimum of 30 days written notification.

Preschool services may be terminated when the pattern of any or a combination of the following becomes excessive or a problem:

Child absences, late pick-ups (3), tardiness, failure to pay required tuition, failure to comply with policies concerning ill children, failure to comply with the rules. If a child’s behavior endangers other persons, materials, and/or the positive environment, the child may be required to leave the program.


The school day runs from 9:00 am– 1:00 pm. The outside doors will be unlocked at 8:55 am and locked back at 9:10 am. The teachers are preparing and setting up their classrooms for the school day to begin and will not be able to give your child the attention that he/she needs and deserves before 8:55 am-.

Arrival after 9:10 am is disruptive to the entire preschool. Our doors are locked between the hours of 9:10 am and 12:55 pm and you will have to call 704-489-6900 in order to be admitted to our facility between those hours. Our rationale is to insure the safety and security of your children and our staff.

Children thrive on routines, those who consistently arrive late, miss school frequently and are not picked up on time begin to feel intimidated, insecure and afraid. Please help us make your child’s preschool experience a positive one by bringing him/her on time regularly and by picking him/her up promptly.


In order to provide the most secure atmosphere we can, we have found it necessary to restrict admittance during the preschool day. When we lock our doors we will not be able to allow anyone in without an appointment or permission. Please let us know if you will be picking up early, dropping anything off or if someone other than the person listed on the sign in sheet or registration form will be picking up your child. Children will not be allowed to leave if we have not been informed.


In the event of an emergency at the nuclear plant, we will be notified by the Lincoln County Emergency Service.  We will then contact you, and  you will need to come and pick up your child.    According to the brochure provided by Duke Energy, in the  Public Actions section, public officials will direct you as to what to do.  The brochure further states to stay inside, close doors, windows, air intakes. and take potassium iodide if directed by these officials .  For more information please go to



Classroom instruction ends at 12:45. As such, the routine we set for the children involves packing up their belongings and preparing to leave for the day. We try to duplicate the procedure they will follow when in “big school”. We then take them, as a class to the designated car rider lines. You will be given a sentence strip with your child’s name for car rider pick-up. Whoever picks up your child needs this strip. Please also make sure you child’s teacher or assistant know if someone new will be picking up your child. Please make sure this person has our phone number. Please affix the strip to the driver’s window so the facilitator can see it and allow for an efficient discharge process.

Please get in line and wait in your vehicle until we bring your child out to you. We ask that you then get out and buckle your child in his/her car seat. You are much more familiar with you seat than we would be. We ask that you not be on the phone when you greet your child as this is the best time to find out about their day. This also makes them feel valued by having your full attention.

If you must come in, please park in the parking lot and approach the facilitator in the parking lot to share with her any special needs on a particular day. It is not recommended that we have teacher conferences during car rider line. If a note is sent home from the teacher that you need to discuss, please call the teacher at 704-489-6900, or make an appointment to address any questions or concerns on the following preschool morning. If something must be addressed immediately, your teacher would have called you at the time of the occurrence and addressed the situation promptly.


Parents will be charged a late fee if their child is not picked up by the end of car rider line, usually by 1:10 unless the preschool has been notified of the delay. If pick up occurs between 1:10-1:15 a $10 fee will be charged. After 1:15 additional charges will accrue at the rate of $1.00 per minute. These fees are due at the time incurred, however if they are not paid then, a note will be sent home in the child’s bag the next day. Payment is expected on the following preschool day.


Children should come to preschool dressed in comfortable washable, play clothes and rubber soled shoes, preferably tennis shoes (for safety reasons please do not send your child in flip flops, sandals or Crocs). Our playground has mulch and the mulch can be irritating to bare feet. Also please recognize if one child has easily removable shoes, and takes them off, all will want to imitate and replacing so many shoes would be a great disruption. Girls should wear shorts under dresses to protect legs from warm slides and to keep undergarments unseen.

Children should be dressed appropriately for the weather, as we will go outside each day, weather permitting (if not raining or snowing). Label all removable articles of clothing with your child’s name. Coats/jackets should be worn in or available in book bags.

Toys should not be brought to preschool except by the request of the teacher since they tend to cause contention between children or can be lost or broken. “Comfort” toys or security blankets may not be brought into the classroom.


o   Read everything we send home and respond to notes that need your input. Please remove completed work from the book bag daily.

o   Put your child’s name in/on all personal items.

o   Contact Teacher and/or Director with praises, suggestions or questions.

o   Dress your child in comfortable, washable clothes appropriate for the weather. While it is not our intention to get dirty or soil clothes, we want to allow the children to have fun and experience occasionally messy activities that will cause them to get dirty. Choose shoes that can be firmly fastened or tied. Please, no sandals, open toed shoes, or crocs/clogs (they hinder your child in playing).

o   Send a full set of extra clothes in the book bag (in a Ziploc bag, labeled to include socks and shoes).

o   Keep the preschool phone number 704-489-6900 in your cell phone so you can call us should an emergency arise or should you be delayed by traffic, etc.

o   Keep phone number and addresses that you share with us up to date. If we can’t reach you and we have a question about your child, you leave us at a great disadvantage.

o   Let us know if your child will be leaving with anyone other than the parent. We will require ID from any person we do not recognize or have not been made aware of who comes to pick up your child. This is for their safety and security.

o   You are welcome to observe our classrooms at anytime. Please check with the Director so she can help you do this without being seen by your child.

o   Our Director and staff are here to assist you, please call us to set up a time outside the normal teaching day for conferences.


When school begins it can be an exciting but difficult time for a young child, mom, and dad. Your child may appear eager in the beginning but may suddenly realize you will not be there and balk at your desire to leave. This is normal! Most children have little difficulty adjusting to the school if a few suggestions are followed:

o   Please bring you child on the day of open house.

o   When classes begin, encourage your child to go into the room and play upon arrival.

o   Be on time, doors open at 8:55 and children transition better on a schedule.

o   Do not go into the classroom yourself. Once it is time to leave, give your child a hug and say it’s time to leave and that you will be back. It is important that you leave without temptation of staying if your child begins to cry.

o   Parents and/or grandparents, please do not stand at the door or in the hallway with the expectation that the child will cry. Children will feel this apprehension and respond as the parent or grandparent fears.

o   Generally, young children adapt to a new routine within 10 school days. Children attending 1-2 days a week may take a little longer to adjust.

General Information

 Circle time is our way of introducing and exploring colors, numbers, shapes, Days of the week, Months of the Year.
The older children will also have sight words which will put them on the fast track to reading.

Our classes are set up by age and developmental levels. The age cut off is August 31. That simply means that the age the child is on August 31 determines his/her classroom assignment (for 2, 3, 4, 5 year olds).

Toddlers, crawlers and infants will be assessed according to their mobility.


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