Coed 20B (20-30″s)   Room 506

Patrick Lowman and Shaun Lee

Young couples, new parents who meet weekly for study, prayer and fellowship.

Coed 30A (30’s-40’s)  Room 505

Scott Myers & Sam Davis

A small group meet each Sunday AM to grow and challenge one another in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We support one another through prayer, encouragement and service. Our goal is to create an environment where mutual edification takes place as the Bible relates to our lives. We usually plan a social activity quarterly and outreaches throughout the year.

Coed’s 40C  (30’s and up)  Room 501

Dan Henderson & Skip Slayton

Those visiting or attending this class will  find people who are looking for an opportunity to grow in the Gospel of Christ. Realizing that none of us have it all figured out, we endeavor to be honest and  real with God and each other. We are on mission to find Christ in every Bible passage, promise and challenge.

Coed 30B (30’s & up) Room 503

Shan Collins & Kemp England

Couples with teens or older children primarily-This class is focused on gospel-centered discipleship, support, and growth. Currently using the Gospel Project Curriculum.

Coed 40A (40’s-60’s)   Room 504

Mark Reel & Ken Furches

Walking With Christ Together, teaching,  discussion and a strong prayer emphasis makes this an authentic and transparent class. Organized social events help the class get to know one another better and friendships run deep. We have a variety of interests from sports, camping, hunting, horseback riding, biking and dogs. Join us as we navigate life together each Sunday morning and minister to one another during the week

Coed 40D (40-60’s)   Room 502

Dean Bender & Eric Morgan

While there are lead teachers, the class is blessed to have several men who alternate  leading the class resulting in a dynamic environment that maintains a fresh and  varied approach to learning God’s Word. Purpose is  to provide an interactive discussion-based  environment where we are able to expand the understanding of God’s Word with the purpose of developing disciples for Christ, and to provide and encourage opportunities to develop close and lasting relationships by investing time and prayer in one another.

Coed 30C (30’s+)  Room 507

Russell Post and Andy White

Couples with children walking together in life, challenging one another to grow in love, service, mission and worship as we endeavor to disciple one another while cultivating our hearts to see the world through the lens of the Gospel. Currently using Gospel Project Curriculum.



Coed 50C  (50’s-70’s)    Room 307

Dan Devine and Bruce Arnold

This class of couples and singles uses the Gospel Project material and offers gospel-centered teaching through a blend of lecture and discussion. We generally have socials once per quarter, are involved with local  mission projects, and help sponsor an international missionary family.

Coed 60C  (60’s +)    Room 304

Gerald Massey and Donnie Love

The New Creation class helps adults of all  ages experience the freedom of becoming    a new creation in Christ. Each person is encouraged to be light and salt as we fulfill our calling in Christ. Teaching is a blend of  lecture and discussion. Group participation is encouraged. The age range is 50’s and up, but any adult, single, or couple is welcome.

Women’s 30A (30’s +)      Room 303

Barbara Quickel and Sandi Kaylor

This group of ladies is a discussion based class that brings the truths of Scripture to light. Join them as they navigate life together each Sunday morning and minister to one another during the week.

Coed 60A  (60+)     Room 301

Wiley Martin and Clarence Ray

Class combines lecture and discussion–standard curriculum is used but sometimes deviate by studying  a specific book of the     Bible. Social activities are planned periodically.

Coed 60B (60+)     Room 308

Ben Perry

This class is for older couples, it combines lecture and discussion. Curriculum is the Gospel Project.

Women’s  60A  (60+)     Room 306

Linda Jordan and Colleen Woodard

We call ourselves the “Ruth”Class. Ruth means “friendship”. Our class helps one another grow in friendship, fellowship, and faith as we study God’s Word together. We are currently studying the Gospel Project.