More than merely physical!

At Body & Soul, we are excited about exercise. We love it. We take it very seriously. We understand that developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle means taking good care of this “outer shell” we have been given. As a result, our classes and other activities are designed to help you get (and stay) in shape and are at the very core of all we do. We also understand that there is more to life than a great workout. We are convinced that both the body and the soul play important roles in a truly holistic approach to fitness because there is a tangible connection between the physical and spiritual dimensions of our lives.

So our promise is to help you with your conditioning in an atmosphere that is both encouraging and safe.

But unlike other exercise regimens, we will not stop there!

We approach all we do from a Christ follower’s perspective on fitness. People from a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds are involved in our classes around the world. Whatever your background, we want to invite you to journey along with us, in the personal pursuit of wellness.
Your challenge is to take your body to your own personal limit. Body & Soul Fit360 is an efficient whole-body workout in a short amount of time. You work, you sweat and, best of all, you have fun! “Be all that you can be” in Body & Soul Fit360!

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Body & Soul Fitness

Denver Baptist Church Main Campus Worship Center

Mondays & Thursdays - Cardo/Strength (9:05 - 10:05am)

Tuesdays - Strength (6:30 - 7:30pm)

FREE childcare available upon request on Mondays & Thursdays!

Visit www.bodyandsoul.org to register!

Contact Mary Councilman at: [email protected] for more info and/or to pre-register for childcare!