Our ministry goal for after-school care at Denver Baptist Church is to help and encourage working families by providing a safe, fun and productive, Gospel-centered environment. Lead by thoughtful adults, your children will be seen as valued individuals, created in the image of God- and therefore, precious!

Following the school pick up your child will enjoy a healthy snack as well as a time to unwind. Homework is a priority. We feel that through help and accountability students will succeed and families will enjoy more time together when the work day is over. Supervised computer and tablet time is available for students homework, educational games, and school-sponsored programs like First – In – Math.

We love to spend time outdoors, so the kids get plenty of exercise on our playground and field. Friendships, confidence and good sportsmanship grow through organized games and activities. Imaginative play and artistic expression are also a meaningful part of our afternoons.

Our director, John Fitzpatrick, and his wife Mia are now in their 5th year here at Denver Baptist After-School Care. They bring many years of experience working with youth as home educators and also in student/children’s ministry in the Denver area.

To enroll your child, call for an appointment (704 870 1540). Full-time tuition is $65 a week, with significant discounts given for additional children. Part-time participation is also available. When schools close for teacher work days and certain holidays we do open our doors for a day full of entertainment at 7:30 am ($30 additional). We try to foster a “vacation/camp” atmosphere for teacher workdays by providing breakfast, occasional field trips, and activities to make these long days enjoyable.

Any questions, please contact John Fitzpatrick ( 704-870-1540 or email) for more details.