Pastor Search Committee Updates

Pastor Search Committee - Updates

Our Pastor Search Committee will be posting periodic updates on this page as they diligently seek to find the man that God has called as the Senior Pastor of Denver Baptist Church.

2/1/2023 Update:

The Pastor Search Committee has identified four key phases of work in our call to find a new lead pastor for Denver Baptist Church:

  • Phase 1 - Pre-search: In this phase we have organized our work by gathering information about our community, our church, and what our church requires in a new lead pastor.
  • Phase 2 - Search, screen and prioritize potential candidates: In this phase we will collect, screen, and consolidate our list of applicants into a short list of final candidates.
  • Phase 3 - Interview final candidates: This will be a highly confidential phase as we begin to communicate with our next pastor.
  • Phase 4 - Call our next lead pastor: This phase will consist of several meetings with Denver Baptist Church leadership and the congregation.

This a brief overview of the work the Pastor Search Committee is implementing.

As of February 1, the team is finishing its work in phase 1 and preparing for the search. All these phases will take time, and much prayer by the committee and the congregation. We have committed to keep you posted our progress along the way. In addition to the specific prayer requests found within the prayer tab, please keep us near the top of your everyday prayer life; in your homes, Bible Fellowship class, G3 gatherings, and anytime the Lord brings our efforts to mind.Together we will find our next lead pastor, through the grace of the Lord, through the work of our Pastor Search Committee, and through the prayers of you, the congregation. Thank you for action in partnering with us in prayer.

-Pastor Search Committee